Gloomy Days – Motivation?

I don’t know about you guys…. But I have a seriously hard time staying motivated when it is cold and gloomy out. All my body wants to do is curl up on the couch in comfy sweats with a cup of hot chocolate. My energy dips, I get tired faster, I just want to be comfy and warm. So how do I stay motivated? By telling myself I can sit on the couch after the work out… by getting up and doing my work out at 6am… and by remembering where I want to be in 6 months with my health.

It’s not the best answer. It’s not even a good answer. I wish I had an answer that made me feel better about the situation and really got me going. But really, I am lacking motivation during these types of days and it is really hard. Especially with the holidays, traveling and the weather not being great lately. I need to stay in routine of things and set my schedule weekly. I need to make sure that I am consistently eating clean, and not drinking alcohol, and I need to make sure that I document my food daily. Hold myself accountable for everything that I am doing both by way of exercise and nutrition. That’s the only way to stay successful, by staying consistent and focused.

I am definitely realizing that I am someone that will never have it easy when it comes to weight loss. Not that I think that it should be easy, nor do I want it to be easy. However, I would like there to be a point where it becomes second nature and I don’t have to think about it. Where I can get to a place where I am comfortable cheating every once in a while, or taking a few days off and not feeling like I will be automatically 10lbs heavier just by giving in for a few days. But that’s not really the way my body works. I am someone that needs consistency, and can’t cheat, because when I really cheat, I cheat for 4 meals in a row. Or if I take a few days off, I immediately become sluggish and it’s like starting over every single time.

How do you stay motivated during winter months? How do you feel about your journey? How did it become second nature for you?

Would love to hear from all of you readers!


One thought on “Gloomy Days – Motivation?

  1. Personally, I feel like a beast when I do my workout outside in bad weather. “If I can work through this, then I can work through anything”. Cold windy days were the most productive ones when it comes to motivation boosting for me.


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