We All Have Set Backs.

I am so mad at myself…. I let myself have excuses. I had my wedding, my honeymoon, the happiness after the honeymoon, more celebrating, more happiness. Then my first day back I hit it too hard at the gym, injured my bicep and tricep. Out for two weeks and no weights for 6 weeks. And that friends is how 14lbs weight gain happens in 6 weeks. I didn’t once question my eating habits, my lack of exercise, the delicious fatty, sugary food that I was consuming. I straight up fell face first off the wagon. I don’t regret letting lose during the wedding and honeymoon. I loved every second of it. What I regret is not jumping back in to clean eating, slowly getting back in to weights, remembering where I started and knowing I can’t get back there. I regret seeing my 180lbs on the scale and not doing anything about it. Now… this morning I weighed in at 189. IN THE MORNING!!!

So now I am back at it, pushing myself hard, but not too hard, at the gym. Clean eating, lots of water, no alcohol, and back to a healthy lifestyle. We all have our fallbacks, and we all have times when it doesn’t work to be as dedicated as we always are. However, I learned how quickly you can go back to that feeling of pudgy, and bloated. How easy it is to say just one more, and how much this really is an addiction.

I am excited to start this journey over again. Not as heavy (thankfully) as I was before, but to have a new goal and to kill it. 25lbs is my new and final goal which would bring me to 159. I can do this!


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