Weight Loss After Marriage

It’s official, I am a married woman! Being back now for almost a week and a half and it has been hard to get back in to the swing of things. It was a blissful three weeks of friends, family, and a full week with nothing to do but be with my new husband in Jamaica. To say that I threw my healthy lifestyle out the window is an understatement. I threw it out the window and lit it on fire. Lol Drinking all day, snacks, bad food and nothing to do but lie around on the beach. I gained 5lbs.

But it was totally worth it.

Now back to real live. Blissfully fat and happy real life. Minus the fat part.

I never realized how hard it would be to get back to a life that was my one and only focus for a while. Getting up in the morning is the pits. Eating a very strict diet sucks. But I also feel like crap from the three weeks of eating poorly and drinking. I know that after a week of pushing myself I will feel better. I know the first week is the hardest and it is also hard changing from a lifestyle of needing to lose 10lbs a week to losing maybe 5 a week and more maintaining throughout the month.

So how am I going to get back to it? Back to my roots: Good old hard work, no excuses and holding myself accountable for everything I consume. As happy as I am, and as much as I want to be in marital bliss, I can’t go back to being unhealthy. I can’t go back to the feeling of being fat.

I spent some time today on www.fatgirl-gonefit.com and found a lot of really great food ideas to curb my cravings. I am excited about all my new peanut butter options and turkey bacon recipes. I LOVE both. I also got a lot of really great tips on sweet recipes, as that is all I am craving lately. I recommend you guys check out the site. I know that reading Kelly’s blog and following her Instagram was one of my biggest motivators when I started losing weight. We were pretty much the same size in the beginning and look how far she has come!

I am actively back on Instagram getting motivated by other people who have made it to where I ultimately want to be. Fit, strong, thin and healthy.

Here’s to being married and a goal to be 25lbs lighter!


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