Patience or Fad Diet?

The definition of patience – the capacity to accept or tolerate delay or suffering without getting angry or upset. As Americans and human beings, we have evolved to not tolerate or need as much patience as we once did. I am someone who has a very difficult time with patience. I work hard, move at a fast pace and get things done at a pace that most can’t keep up with. I push myself to be great in every aspect of my life and I see results. Whether it be my career, hobby or relationship, I WANT TO BE THE BEST.

Something I could never get the hang of was pushing myself physically to be the best. Being as healthy as I can be, being at the appropriate weight for my body type, being physically fit. I have never had any patience for it.

My weight fluctuated over the years due to not really caring… and then caring… and then not really caring again. I have fluctuated from 165 – 220… losing that weight to be 170 and then back up to 195, losing that weight and going down to 165 to then skyrocket to my highest, 239lbs. I have never been a consistent weight in my life and that is because I have never had a consistent healthy pattern in my life. I lost the weight usually by diet pills, slim fast, not eating, only eating salads, and well… more diet pills. Any kind of product or fad diet that said you would lose 20lbs in a month, I would try it. I wasn’t patient enough to put in the work, figure out nutrition, and stick to a plan every day. I wasn’t patient enough to lose weight the healthy way. Which means slowly.

In April of last year I decided enough was enough. I couldn’t keep taking diet pills and not eating to lose the weight. It was no longer a good solution for me.

Making the choice to lose weight the right way was REALLY hard. It was no longer easy, it didn’t happen fast, and it took patience. Something I have very little of. Fast forward to 57lbs lighter. I still have no patience, lol, but I understand the value of it. I understand the worth in putting in the work and seeing the results that I have worked so hard for. The fad diets are still there, the diet pills getting even better with advertising. But one thing I learned is that if it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. You will gain the weight back, probably double. You will rely on it being easy to lose that extra 10lbs… and then all of a sudden it’s not. Taking diet pills and doing fad diets will help you drop lbs, but it doesn’t mean that you are healthy, you are just skinny fat.

I get a lot of requests to try wraps, month long weight loss cleanses, energy pills, and diet supplements. Where I appreciate that sometimes something like that can boost you in to a healthy workout routine, it’s not how you become healthy because it isn’t a life change. It’s not the norm that someone comes out of that and continues on a healthy journey without those products.

People ask me how I lost the weight, I made a major lifestyle change. I am more aware now than ever what it means to say “it’s a lifestyle change”. I no longer take diet pills, I work out every day, I don’t eat crap anymore, I cut out bad sugars, I work hard and make the right choices and the best part is it is no longer hard. It’s my life every day and I love it. I have my days, but mostly I get excited for the coming months and to see where my blood panel is, to see what size I become and to see how fit I can get. I want to be my best and I finally am!


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