Deep Cleanse Day 1

At the end of the shake day 1, I was extremely nauseous and couldn’t get off the couch for 3 hours. I was also very dizzy and ready to give up. The my fiancé said those fateful words: “you are already ready to give up?” Dammit… I need to stick through this.

I did some research and apparently the first couple days that can happen. So I am not giving up.

Day two went much better. I did my HIIT class and killed it burning 700 calories. I still had a little bit of a weak stomach but nothing too bad. I did have my annual summer bbq so I splurged on a turkey burger and my brussel sprout salad so I went over the allotted 600 calorie meal but I also knew that I have 9 more days of this cleanse.

Refocusing this morning, I started the cleanse for life two day deep cleanse. The juice smells pretty bad so I was reluctant that this was going to be my meal for two days.

The first 4oz down the hatch and it wasn’t that bad! It tastes like a berry tea with too much sweetener. I also had the two “snacks” that I find hilarious that they call them that because they look like chocolate horse pills. They didn’t taste that bad and actually took away my morning food cravings.

We will see how I feel at the end of the day. Hopefully I don’t become hungry and at least I don’t feel ill right now!

8.5 days to go….


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