What Happens After You Lose Weight

I recently read a great article online about what happens when you lose weight.  Especially a lot of weight.  Not only does your body change visually, but there are a lot of things you don’t expect to happen to you internally and to your personal life.  I have experienced quite a few of these changes and I thought I would share my experiences about three of the points. You can find the full article here: http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/weight-loss/expert-advice/quick-answers/weight-loss-effects/

  • You’re Freezing
    • One of the things that you don’t realize when losing weight is that you will not longer be hot ALL THE TIME! I used to constantly be hot when I was in bed, next to my fiance, sitting at work, etc. Air conditioning is now miserable, I want to add more blankets to bed, I also now consider my day and if I am going to need to wear pants to not be freezing all day. As annoying as it is, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • You Still Have Fat Days
    • The funny thing about losing weight is that where your body has changed, your mind doesn’t always see it. I still have days that I look in the mirror and think I am fat and I am uncomfortable in the clothes that I am wearing, even though they are too big.  I get just as frustrated about my clothes being too big as I did about my clothes being too small. I hope that the “fat” feeling will become less frequent and I will get more comfortable in my new skin, but I also know that its ok to have those days too.  It reminds me of the person that I used to be and helps me remember that it’s all in my head.
  • You Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are
    • Unfortunately shedding weight can also make you shed some of your friends. During this process I have had people who get upset with me because I will no longer binge drink, share dessert after a heavy meal, not cancel my work out for a last minute happy hour.  I have had people tell me that at 239lbs, I was fine and not everyone who is bigger is unhealthy.  I have had people tell me that I am more fun when I am drinking, and that this isn’t a lifestyle that I can keep up…. I will gain it all back.  People have even said that I must not enjoy my life because I won’t eat badly. I don’t quite understand any of their logic.  I have gone through being upset, questioning my journey and wondering why people would say such things. After a lot of thinking, me turning down outings, and sticking to my journey, I have found that some people who you thought were your friends, hate that someone who was always down to go out drinking, eating and splurging is now losing weight. It makes your “friends” look at themselves and they don’t like what they see. Part of me also thinks that they liked me as the fat friend. They always were hit on more than me, they got more of the attention, and always looked cuter and more put together. I was also the friend that never said no and always put them first.  For once I am putting myself first and they don’t like it.
    • In order to correct this issue, you can either address the issue with your friends and tell them how you feel, or you can just let it go and they will eventually fall off.  I am going with the latter.  I feel that anyone in my life who isn’t supportive of my healthy life change, shouldn’t be in my life anyway.  The people who are supporting me are phenomenal.  Checking in, invested in my progress and proud of everything I am doing.

Bottom line is that things change when you lose weight and your life changes. Embrace this new life and the new you. It can be hard to navigate around at times but know that you are doing something completely selfish and its ok.

It really is a wonderful journey!


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