My Trick to Losing 55lbs!

Losing weight and getting healthy isn’t easy. No one said it would be. But there are some tricks that I ignored for years that really do work and have lead me to succeed thus far. Here are my tricks:

  • Consistency
    • I love a good routine but that is not always realistic in the lives that we lead. One way that I stay consistent is that I plan for the week on Sundays. I do the grocery shopping, plan out all of my lunches, meal prep for all of the lunches and make a plan for dinner each night.
    • There are weeks where making a plan for certain days isn’t realistic, or you have so much going on that it’s hard to cook.
      • Make a backup plan! I carry almonds with me at all times, get the location of lunch ahead of time so you can look at the menu online, make a decision on your meal and stick to it.
      • If dinner is your problem, make sure to order small and portion control. Also – ALWAYS have breakfast. It’s not an option to not have it.
    • Consistency is about sticking to a plan, make that plan to get healthy and lose weight. Every choice you make affects your body. So work hard at making the healthy choices.
  • Set Small Goals
    • Sundays are my jam. Every Sunday while I am meal prepping for the week, I silently set my weekly goals. I set the number of times I want to work out that week, I set the goal that I am going to eat the food that I prepped, not exceptions and I set my weight loss goal for the week. I also make a promise to myself that I am going to remember these goals every day during the week so that it is top of mind. Eventually it becomes a habit and you don’t even need to think about it anymore.
    • This week I have set the following goals:
      • I am going to work out 8 times this week and give it my all in each work out.
      • I am going to do 22 miles on the stairmaster this week.
      • I am going to make good choices, not give in to stress, temptations or changes.
      • I am going to enjoy my current weight loss daily and see the successes that I have already had and not see the changes that still need to happen. #positivethoughts
      • I want to lose 3lbs this week. If I don’t, I am going to remember that I am probably gaining muscle so I want to see a difference in my body.
      • I am going to make a solid effort to work on my abs, both with nutrition and with my work outs.
      • Lastly, I am going to remember that where my weight loss journey is important, and something that consumes my life, I am going to remember that I need to focus attention on my fiancé and not let my journey consume his life as well. A healthy lifestyle is about balance and I am striving to find that healthy balance.
    • Make It Important
      • One of the ways that I meet my goals each week is I make it important. I make it an appointment to myself that I can’t cancel. Think of it as an appointment that will save your life. Because it is. Every day you show up, you are closer to that healthy goal. Every day you push yourself beyond your limits, you are making a change in yourself for the better. I don’t just make appointments with myself and the gym, I make it with food. I make it important to fuel my body with the right kind of foods and at the appropriate times. I make sure that I always have a protein shake in the morning, load my day with clean proteins and veggies and to stay away from carbs that are bad for you… ie: pasta, white bread, baked goods. Etc. Obviously sometimes we need to cheat and enjoy the things we love, but when you are making these choices daily, your cheat food change drastically. My cheat is now a bowl of grapes, roasted sweet potatoes in the evening, a ½ serving of whole wheat pasta, a couple bites of ice cream. My body no longer craves the foods that made me unhealthy in the first place.

I know these tricks sound hard, but losing weight doesn’t happen overnight. It really is a lifestyle change, a mindset adjustment and a commitment to yourself. Keep pushing every day and you will get there!


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