Gym Towel Gap? Not anymore!

This morning was a really good morning. Yesterday I was feeling frustrated with my progress. Feeling like I should be farther along. This morning I jumped on the scale – my weigh in day – and I am at 187lbs! That means that I have lost 2lbs this week. And that is with traveling! I went to the gym… Two separate people who I see at the gym daily but never talk to came up to me and told me that I am looking skinny and fit. That they were impressed with my progress and to keep up the good work…. Awesome. THEN I wrapped my gym towel around me and realized that it finally closes. NO GAP!!! Can you believe it? That is a big one for me! From there I realized that I am only 12lbs away from my original goal. 12lbs…. That’s it! So I added 10 and my new goal is 22lbs down. I am feeling great!


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