Fitness Magazines – The Real Story?

I am a huge believer in surrounding yourself with what your goal is. Whether that be your career, your hobby or fitness. I feel like it is tricking your brain to be constantly reminded on what you need to accomplish. My goal right now, well I am reassessing my goal but my goal was that I wanted to wear a bikini on my honeymoon. I have never wore a bikini before and it was a good goal to shoot for. I have 6 weeks to be bikini ready, I am not sure I will be there by then but I do know that I look and feel good right now. And that is important!

Anyway.. off track. Surrounding yourself with motivation….  I am someone that subscribes to all the healthy/exercise newsletters that I read. Health magazine, Women’s Fitness, Fitness Magazine, Self, etc. I get emails daily about How to Get Bikini Ready Abs, How to Get that Butt You Always Wanted, What Foods to Cut Out Now, What Foods Will Make You Look Older, What Foods Will Make You Look Younger etc. Where I strongly feel that these articles are helpful and have kept me going, I want to know: where are the articles about being 50lbs overweight? Where to start when you need to lose 75lbs, What You Need to Know About Nutrition to Make the Life Altering Change, What Does it Mean to Make it a Lifestyle? I feel like where these magazines have a lot to offer, they are not realistic to a lot of America. Why not feature a monthly article on someone who is on a journey? Feature the failures that happen during weight loss journey? Make it real?

Would you read it?

I want people to talk about obesity and how it affects them. I want to talk about how when you are a certain weight, it feels impossible and you don’t know where to start. I want to talk about the fact that the leading magazines only feature women with the perfect abs, when in reality that isn’t what weight loss is about. Weight loss is about feeling confident in your own skin, becoming healthy, getting your body moving. I have lost 50lbs… but I am still 189lbs. I just had a full screening on my blood… and guess what? I am healthy. I am considered overweight for my 5’7” frame… but I am healthy. What you don’t know is that I have curves, I have boobs and hips. I have more muscle on my body than most average women and muscle weights more than fat. But apparently I am still overweight.

I want the magazines that I love to publish real peoples struggles. They all have their one success story in the magazine, but there needs to be more and they need to go deeper into what it takes. Because I feel like no one talks about that.

Who agrees???


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