Why Do You Want to be Healthy?

I had a hard time this morning being motivated and being excited to go to the gym. Having lost 50lbs, I know it is an accomplishment. I know I am healthy, I know I am strong. I even look skinnier than I did when I weight 165lbs because I have muscle. My stomach is mostly flat, not flat enough for a bikini, but mostly flat in a I need to tone it up way. I feel great, I push myself harder every day and I know in my mind that my body can do anything.

So why do I need to keep pushing? For vanity? To wear a bikini? To get down to a weight that may not really suit my body type? Or is it to finish something that I started, to wear that bikini because I have never worn one before and it would be a personal accomplishment? To hit the peak of my fitness? I don’t really have a real goal. I have my wedding in October but the reason I started working out was because I wanted to be healthy when I got pregnant. Well I am healthy… very healthy. I am not going to compete in a competition, yet I train everyday like I am going to. I don’t cheat unless necessary. When I do cheat, I feel sick for days. I don’t drink, go to places where people are going to push me into their habits. I don’t crave things that aren’t healthy to my body.

So now I struggle with the question, what is my new goal? Why am I killing myself every day? Should I keep pushing myself this hard?

I know a lot of people would say that I need to keep pushing to get to that next level of fitness. But achieving those goals every day has been easy so far. Do I need to set a bigger goal? What goal would that be?

I am going to keep pushing because that is who I am, but I am taking time to reassess what I want my goals to be.

What are your goals? I would love to hear about why you want to be healthy? What are your reasons?


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