Food is Killing You…

I spent this last weekend in Iowa and was able to see a lot of my extended family. But I also had a lot of time to think and reflect on my life and the lives that they lead. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. They are warm, fun, genuine and pleasant people but they also don’t have the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle. I asked for salad and was directed to butterscotch pudding with chopped up snickers bars and apples. I asked for something healthy and was directed to iceberg lettuce covered in ranch dressing, bacon and cheddar cheese. I asked for a water and was directed to bottles of sugar flavored waters. Everywhere I turned it was one bad food item or another and A LOT of it. Granted there were 30 people at the party but we had enough food to feed 80. At the end of the party… almost all of the food was gone. One of the last standing plates of food was a partially eaten veggie tray, yet the ranch dressing was gone.

As I look around at my loved ones who are unhealthy, and their overweight young children stuffing “salad” and cake in their mouths every time I turn around, I have to wonder if they have the knowledge to make the right choices or if they just don’t care? Obviously there are going to be occasions where the food is definitely bad for you and its ok, it’s not a daily occurrence. But when this is your life every day, do you see what food is doing to you? Do you see what food is doing to your children?

It became ever more apparent the amount of knowledge that is missing in this country when it comes to nutrition and how it is affecting our lives. We have made food the focus of social gatherings, alcohol the choice of beverage, and making everything we do easier. People should understand that food is an addiction. High amounts of sugar is a killer and people should have an understanding of how it can affect you. I am not sure how to get more knowledge out there about the importance of exercise and nutrition, but it starts with our schools and parents. It’s the products that large corporations are producing and how they are marketing it, it’s the government not giving enough attention to this epidemic.

I don’t know how to provide more education to this nation, I don’t know how to make people see or care. But I am hoping that this blog can help someone, anyone, who will then turn around and help someone else. Tell me your story, share mine, share your story… anything that we can do to make people aware that food is killing this country one doughnut at a time.


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