What’s Your Biggest Challenge When You Travel?

Today I head to Iowa… middle of nowhere Iowa on a pig farm. It’s my aunts 60th Surprise Birthday party. I am looking forward to seeing my family, surprising my aunt and just getting away for the weekend. The thing I am not looking forward to, the food. I love my family but they don’t know what healthy is. They believe that a salad should contain mayonnaise and bacon. That the meat we should only eat is pork.. obviously. Everything is loaded with butter, sugar, sauces, bread. It makes staying consistent and on my nutritional plan very hard. I have packed almonds, protein powder, granola bars and almond milk to try and supplement all the bad that I will be doing. It’s not that I want/crave these items, it is that it is the only food around and it is rude not to eat what the host has provided. I am going to go with small portions, skipping the worst stuff I can, and trying to supplement with the healthy items that I brought. Wish me luck!

What do you guys do in this situation?


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