Weight loss Bride problems

This weekend was a big day for me. For those of you that don’t know, I am getting married in October. I am so excited to to be marrying my best friend!

I purchases my dress 3 months ago and I remember thinking that I looked really good. I also remember not being super motivated about fitness. Feeling like I look good enough now, why keep pushing??

Clearly something changed. Yesterday I had an appt to exchange my wedding dress for a smaller size!! I had lost 3 sizes since my last appt and they can only take in the dress 2 sizes. I planned on ordering the dress 2 sizes smaller so that I can continue on my journey….. BUT they don’t have the dress in my size. How can that be? Have I really now fallen in to the normal size range? Am I really that small?

After a bit of panicking and frantically calling everyone I know, I decided to go to a different shop to try on dresses. I was feeling really negative in that environment and didn’t feel like I would be able to really find something better. I tried on a few dresses and my spirits were really low. Until I tried on the last dress. It was simple, hugged my curves and I looked stunning! Honestly I couldn’t believe my eyes. So I said yes to the dress! 🙂

I know this sounds like a lot of bridal drama, but really it is an amazing problem to have. I have lost so much weight that I need a new wedding dress. I have lost so much weight that I found a different dress. A dress that even 3 months ago I would have never considered. I would have never been this confident or proud of myself. I finally feel like I deserve this, I deserve the results that I am seeing and the beautiful hip hugging dress and to marry my best friend and supporter in two months.

If I can make that big of a change in 3 months, so can you. You deserve it!


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