Willing to Fight

I really want to talk today about what holds us back. Being chubby and then overweight my entire life, I know a lot of it is due to self-doubt and lack of confidence and disdain. To really be where you want to be in life, in any fashion, you have to get over those fears to move forward. I struggle daily with my fears and excuses… here are some of them:

•   I have been chubby my whole life… maybe my body isn’t made out to be skinny
•   My life is busy and people count on me…. I don’t have time for me
•   I am fine the way that I am… but am I really?
•   This is too hard…. It’s just never going to happen for me
•   Well I have already lost a ton of weight… maybe now I can just stop

I know that my fears are all in my head, that it’s a mental game and you won’t succeed until you change your view of yourself and what you are capable of. That is one of the reasons that I love the stairmaster, it’s a challenge and I am constantly pushing myself to hit my next little goal. I never thought that could do an hour on the stairmaster at level 10. I never thought I could lose 45lbs the healthy way – no supplements, hard work and clean eating. I never thought that I would feel confident about my legs and look at myself in the mirror and feel that I have a cute butt!

Even though I have accomplished all of those things, I still have days where I have self-doubt and I ask myself if I am going to make it to my goal weight, make it to a bikini and make it to a place where this really is a life change.

I have to tell myself daily that I can do this, that sometimes it’s a slow process, I am going to have days where it’s hard, and I am going to have days that it’s not. Either way, it’s fine because it’s a daily struggle, a daily battle and I am willing to fight for what I want.


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