Sleepy Wednesday

Are Wednesday’s hard for anyone else?? I tend to hit it hard in the beginning of the week. By Wednesday morning I have done 14 miles on the stairmaster, done 150 bosu ball squats, 100 ab exercises, 4 minutes worth of planks and an hour of weight training. I do that in 4 work outs in two days. I guess you can say no wonder you are tired? But what I really think the problem is is that on Wednesday mornings, I sleep in until 7:15am or so. Normally being up at 5:45am, that is quite a bit of extra sleep. Every wed I am tired all day and barely can make it to the gym at night. Does anyone else have this problem?

I have read a few studies lately that if you are tired, you should take that extra time and sleep. Let your body rest. However, whenever I sleep more than my normal, I am dragging all day. I also wonder if my body misses my work outs. At least I like to hope that it does.

Besides being sleepy, I wanted to update you all that I will be adding recipes, work outs and daily thoughts to the blog. Any questions you have and would like to talk to me personally, please email:

I would love to hear from you!


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