The Begninning

I have never been a small girl, always hovering around a size 12/14, L/XL. The only time I was small was when I worked in fashion PR and no one ate anything around me… Only then was I a shocking size 4! Obviously I wasn’t healthy. I was barely eating, walking like crazy in NYC, drinking all the time, and barely slept. I loved it. Unfortunately that can only go on for so long so I decided to move to Colorado to get healthy, slow down and figure out my life. Lucky for me, I found the love of my life right away. Along with the shock of no longer walking and actually eating, oh and I can’t forget also being happy, I gained weight. A lot of it. I went from 165 at a size 4, (I told you I am not a small girl, I think they call it big boned?) to 237lbs and a size 20. I definitely didn’t see it right away and it took some time to realize my new size. It is funny to me now really, I didn’t understand why it was all of a sudden harder to breathe, why I all of a sudden was ridden with pimples, why my hair was dry and brittle and why did I all of a sudden look 5 years older? I kept telling myself that it was the change in altitude, lack of sleep and the dry air. It also didn’t help that my boyfriend loved me anyway, and never said a thing about my weight. He still made me feel beautiful every day. What a jerk right? 🙂

One day at work I was going through images from a photo shoot in Austin, TX and caught a photo of myself. I remember thinking that day that I looked really good. I was wearing the brands blue shirt and khaki shorts, my hair looked great and so did my make-up. (On photo shoot days I always try to look my best, just in case the photographer snaps a photo of me and I can use it as may new FB profile pic) When I saw the photo I was horrified. My legs were huge, I had cellulite going all the way up and you could see the cellulite through the shorts. My face was really round and my stomach was pushed out to make me look like I could be pregnant. I immediately deleted any photos that had me in them and went on with my day.

The following weekend I purchased a Pilates DVD and my boyfriend and I started working out every other day. After a couple weeks, I lost 10lbs. I was stoked… but still not motivated enough to make a serious change. I traveled a lot for work, LOVED fancy restaurants and didn’t want to give up my weekend drinks. I went back to the mentality that I didn’t look that bad. Plus… I have lost 10lbs. So really that means I can cheat right?

After a few months of having an internal struggle, I decided I needed to do something more. Eat a few more salads, take the stairs a little more, something that would initiate a change in my mindset.

My boyfriend’s sister was recently engaged and wanted to lose 20lbs, so we decided to start a challenge. I was now accountable for my actions. I started off eating oatmeal every morning and the elliptical for 30 min a day. I may have lost about 8lbs before the wedding but it was a huge start. I got the fitness bug! After the wedding I picked up the book “The Fast Diet” where I learned about portion control and healthy recipes. I lost another 8lbs in 5 weeks.

I decided that it was time for me to take my fitness to the next level. I was feeling great, had amazing amount of energy and was eating healthy. I may have had a couple of breakdowns about the lack of bread, but overall I was really happy with my progress. I hired a trainer at my gym and we started kickboxing. If you haven’t tried kickboxing, I highly recommend it. When you have a stressful job like I do, it was amazing to take all of it out on the bag. I worked out with my trainer 2 days a week and hit the gym another 2 days. I remember feeling so amazing by being able to work out 4 hours a week. I ended up dropping another 9lbs. Making my total to 35lbs lost!

After losing 35lbs, something shifted. Besides getting in to my busy season at work (excuses) and traveling all the time (more excuses) and the holidays, I really wasn’t as dedicated as I was before. I mean I did lose 35lbs. That’s great right? I was working out maybe 2 days a week, not eating great and drinking more on the road. I gained 10lbs back. SHIT! I was really unhappy and disappointed in myself for not keeping up with it. In Feb of 2014 I decided that I needed to get back with it. Giving up only ½ of the amount of alcohol I was consuming combined with 3 days a week at the gym, I lost the 10lbs in about 4 weeks which had me weighing in at 202lbs.

March 2014 was a big month for me. I got engaged and lost my job. I took the time off to rededicate myself to fitness and getting to my goal of 170lbs. I actually had a deadline date and all the time in the world. I started running with my dog every day and worked out 3 hours a day. I did this for 4 weeks before I started my new job. Unfortunately with all that work, I saw a little difference in my legs but not much happened. I felt that I should have been losing more weight than I was. So I hired a new trainer at my gym, went back to the research on best eating plans, caloric intake, and I quit drinking on June 1st. I realized that I wasn’t eating the way I should have been, I cut back on my sugar (fruit) doubled my protein and no longer eat processed foods. I have lost 15lbs since June 1st. Making my grand total so far 45lbs lost. I went from not even being able to be on the stair master at a level 4 for 5 minutes to doing an hour of intervals of level 11 for 4 minutes and level 6 for 1 minute. I can breathe. I feel strong, and my stomach is actually flat. (SHOCKER!!)

In the is process I have found a love for fitness, a love for nutrition and how it affects your body and a love for healthy living. I want to wear a bikini on my honeymoon, be a healthy weight for when we are ready to have kids and know that I am doing everything I can to stay around as long as possible. I have 22lbs to go….


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